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The Important Classifications of the Character Archetypes in Literature

As you are sourcing studying a story you will be presented by various character archetypes. The reason as to why the author uses these characters is to outline specific meanings. When you are a reading a book you get to know that many are the characters that you will meet in almost every chapter. If you happen to understand the character archetypes, then you will enjoy the story, as you will have the meaning the characters plays. In this website, you will understand the classification of the various character archetypes that you will find when you are reading literature work. Below are the types of the characters that you will find prevalent in any story that you read.

One of the character archetypes is the hero in a story. It is good that you understand that the hero in the story has various obstacles in the story. It should be noted that the protagonist would have features that allow them to overcome the obstacles. When you are reading the literature you understand that the hero is the one we can call the protagonist. The character archetypes hero will have positive sides in the story as he tries to do good but other characters are against the hero. The hero is capable of having the ability to stay positive throughout the story. The other characteristic of the character archetypes hero is that the character tries to save the people from danger.

Another classification of the character archetypes is the mentor. It should be noted that most of the mentor characters in a story have extra powers than the other characters. When you are reading the literature you realize that some of the character archetypes have the understanding that is beyond others. The good thing about mentors in a story is that they support the hero by showing them the way. In the story many are the instances where the hero will have time with the mentor to be shown directions. In some literature works the mentor suffers illness and later dies.

The next category of the character archetypes is the villain. The villain is known to be an obstacle to the hero by trying the level to limit him in acquiring the dreams. The other character trait of the villain is that they are ever bad. The villain will employ all the possible effort to get power to exploit other people. The villain does not support anything that the hero does. The main reason as to why the villain character is used to try to stop the hero from achieving the dreams.

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