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The Essential Laws of Bonds Explained

Understanding The Basics As To How Bail Bonding Works

In order for you to be out of jail after being charged with a crime, you will need to post the bail that is set by the court, and be free about as the proceedings will commence until the verdict is reached.

Bail is the money or property that is required to be released in jail momentarily until verdict, bail bond, is an assured agreement between the defendant or surety and the court to guarantee that the defendant returns to court for the scheduled dates else the bail bond be forfeited.

After the initial trial is done that will entail the next series of hearings, the court will usually set a high amount of bail this is to guarantee that the defendant will commit to appearing on court dates and not take lightly the charges and disappear.

When the bail amount is determined, the defendant or the surety may then proceed with processing in posting bail, where they will be given a receipt for it to determine that the bail posting is completed and the defendant can then go out of jail bringing the commitment to keep his part of the agreement on court dates.

If it happens that the defendant happens to miss even just one court date, immediately a forfeiture hearing will be called for and a warrant of arrest is served, and from here the defendant is given the chance to tell the court of the reason for missing the court date, and if still on this special hearing the defendant still fails to appear, the bail will then be kept by the court and the warrant will push through.

In most cases, especially for immediate bail need, defendants will secure the money from a bail bondsmen where they will have to produce a collateral for the amount and the bail bondsmen will get 10% from the bail amount as their profit in the process.

There are also other forms as to how a defendant can secure bail money and that can be from cash bond, signature bond, or property bond all entails certain conditions, so you have to determine which will suit you and where you are capable of handling.

A citation release is then processed once the bail is being posted accordingly, and you will have to ensure that all the agreement set forth are being met and that you comply with all the conditions according to the agreement on the bond.

Your decision to post bail is for you to do what is necessary for you to do outside of jail, you just have to be consistently diligent in meeting your side of the bargain to be in good standing.

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